Ham and Cheese Roll Recipe

Ham and Cheese Roll Recipe

This appetizer party recipe is super easy and tastes great!

Appetizer Party Recipe INGREDIENTS:

* 1 pkg. Flour Tortillas
* 1 pkg. Cream cheese
* Deli Ham Slices and or Turkey Slices

Appetizer Party Recipe INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Spread cream cheese on one side of flour tortilla.
2. Layer one or two slices of ham and/or turkey on top of cream cheese.
3. Add an additional layer of cream cheese on top of the ham.
4. Place a second flour tortilla on top.
5. Roll the entire tortilla, ham, and cream cheese.
6. Place toothpicks into the roll to hold it together.
7. Cut the tortilla roll into 2 inch parts on either side of the toothpick.
8 Place rolls on serving dish...and the appetizer party recipe is ready to serve...enjoy the appetizers !

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